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Black Oil Sunflower Seeds 12.75kg


Black Oil Sunflower Seeds are an excellent food source for a range of birds including Finches and Tits. The are particularly suited to bird feeders. Contains: Sunflower Seeds

Peanuts 12.75kg


There are many different varieties and grades of nut. We choose the best from Runner or Virginia varieties. We avoid lower grades and ensure that our nuts are fresh AND free from mould and infestation. Ours are high in oils, proteins and energy and are an invaluable high energy and digestible food source.

Especially good for: Blue Tits, Bramblings, Bullfinches, Great Tits, Greenfinches, Sparrows, Nuthatch, Buntings, Siskin, Song Thrushes, Starlings

Calorific Value: 540 kcals/100g Typical Protein 23%

Sunflower Hearts 12.75kg


Sunflower Hearts are a husk free product which are 100% edible by birds and therefore leave little waste. They are particularly popular amongst the likes of Blue tits, Greenfinch, Sparrows, Thrush, Blackbird and Robins. Ideal for use in feeders, bird tables or on the ground. Ingredients: 100% Sunflower Hearts

Wild Bird Food


With small seeds it is a general wild bird food mixture containing many essential ingredients to provide birds with a balanced and healthy diet. The mix is rich in complex carbohydrates and oils for a good source of energy.

Composition: Wheat, Kibbled Maize, Black Sunflower Seeds, Red Dari & Soya oil.