We produce over 1000ton of dry firewood a year. We can supply to domestic or trade customers from cubic meter loads to bags of logs, kindling, firelighter, coal, peat, verdo briquettes. Delivering in and around The Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park, Stirling and Argyll areas.


Most of our timber comes from local forests or from the wind blow from the storms. After years of struggling to dry our firewood, during the good old Scottish summer weather ( or not as the case was ) We decided to invest heavily and purchased a specifically designed Biomass Kiln in which to dry all our wood. This now ensures that we have dry firewood all year round and that it has a moisture content of below 20%. This then enabled us to become BSL registered, which allows us to supply to anyone who has a biomass wood fuel heating system and who claim an RHI payment from the government.


We process the wood using our Palax Processing Machine. This uses its circular saw to cut the wood into a variety of lengths normally between 6″ and 9″ (although larger sizes can be ordered 12”-24”. It is then split using 16tons of hydraulic force pushed through a 2/4 way splitting axe. We processed into cubic meter cages and put into the kiln to dry for 5-7 days, after which it is extremely dry and ready to be delivered to the customer (sometimes it’s even still warm when you receive it). We produce all our own kiln dried kindling so why not cut out the middle man and add a bag to your firewood order along with some eco friendly wax firelighters.

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IMPORTANT Please note – during the winter months the humidity in the air is high which means dry logs can start to reabsorb the dampness from the air. It is important to remember that although our logs are kiln dried they will need to be brought indoors 24 hours before use to be ready to use efficiently on your stove/fire.